3 GEN has been predominantly engaged in integration of information systems and in the respective security. We have developed our own solution supporting the risk assessment in compliance with the ISO 27001 specifications. Moreover, we are active in operating system administration as well as in application server and database management, including the respective consultancy services. One of our services also involves the provision of optimum capacities for implementation of information systems, on the turnkey principle whenever required.

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In the past 3 GEN predominantly cooperated with public administration. Our primary activities include monitoring and operation of information systems and databases in public administration.

In order to achieve the optimum quality of services for citizens and for public administration officers we also engage in the optimization of operation, in problem solution and in user interaction. For this purpose we run an ongoing (24/7) standby duty service.

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About us

3 GEN has been active since 1996. Already from the very beginning the company has been engaged in system and operative support to large IBM mainframe systems and UNIX-oriented systems along with databases. We provide to our customers high quality services and have thereby gained their trust. The company has been scoring constant growth already since its foundation in 1996. At the moment it employs 36 staff-members, predominantly high qualified experts in system administration.

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